The Gondola Sessions Will Make You Long for Winter in Colorado

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From Nathaniel Rateliff's Gondola Session.
Filming live music outdoors can present all kinds of problems, from moving clouds obstructing your light to changes in the wind messing with your sound. But if it all works out, you have the opportunity to give the music a remarkable backdrop. With The Gondola Sessions, filmmaker John Austin set out to use Colorado's majestic Rocky Mountains as the setting for intimate acoustic sets from artists like Nathaniel Rateliff, G.Love and Keller Williams -- each performing within a moving gondola.

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Jack White's New Music Video Was Filmed at Denver's Cruise Room

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Image via the "Would You Fight For My Love?" video.
Jack White has just released the second music video from this year's Lazeretto, and it's set right here in Denver. The clip was filmed during White's stop through town last month at the Cruise Room in the Oxford Hotel. The art-deco bar provides the backdrop for a pensive White ordering a drink and finding new depths in brow-furrowing; watch below.

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Ryan Tedder Shows His Support for Governor Hickenlooper by Mocking Him

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Screen capture from YouTube
Ryan Tedder tells Governor Hickenlooper that he is not singing real notes.
Governor John Hickenlooper has always been a supporter of Colorado's music scene in both words and action. His passion meets his willingness to laugh at himself in a new video created by his campaign wherein OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder (a Colorado native and resident) tries to teach him "Counting Stars." It does not go well -- observe:

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Watch John Hickenlooper play banjo with Old Crow Medicine Show at Red Rocks

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Screenshot from YouTube user Justin Kraft
Word is getting around now about Governor John Hickenlooper's surprise guest appearance last night during Old Crow Medicine's show at Red Rocks. He played banjo, sang some harmonies and even took the lead for a brief verse on an old blues classic, "CC Rider."

The Governor posted a message on Twitter shortly thereafter: "Just crossed 'play banjo with Old Crow Medicine Show at Red Rocks' off my bucket list." There you have it. There are a few ways to play on one of the world's most famous stages: Become a musician famous enough to fill a 9,000 seat venue, or just get elected governor of Colorado. Too easy. There are a few videos out there at the moment, none of them spectacular. We like this one, from YouTube user Justin Kraft, the best. He's far away, but he spends most of the song focused on the big screen to the right of the stage.

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Premiere: The new "Culture" video from hip-hop collective Planes!

From the "Culture" video, which you can watch below.
Denverites Adrian Garcia (A-Trax), Lennard Daniels (Lennyx Dublyn) and Jeremy Barnes (JT) make up the core of the hip-hop collective Planes! The three have all been rapping since they were young, in the last few years started working together.

"It just kind of came together," Garcia said. "Everybody compliments each other well."

The group has a total of about ten people, including producers, photographers, DJs and others who allow them to keep all of their operations in the family. They all use the moniker, though the artists on each of their songs and albums differ. The new song "Culture" features only Garcia and Barnes as part of their forthcoming 94 mixtape. We're debuting the video below -- it was filmed in three days by Darion Sanchez (D-Mainya), the filmmaker of the group, and edited in two days by Garcia.

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Kissing Party gets in the holiday spirit with Winter In the Pub, a new EP and two videos

Meet the Ice Man, from Kissing Party's "Pretty Lights" video

Every Christmas for the past four years, Kissing Party has released a song in honor of the holiday, but this year, the band has put together an entire EP. Cheekily titled Winter in the Pub, the digital platter, which contains past songs along with two new ones, can be downloaded directly from the band's website. The music, which isn't too far removed from the Party's usual winsome, sometimes melancholy pop confection, has church bells, strings and sleigh bells to give it the right holiday-season sonic trappings.

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Watch: The Fray's video for "Love Don't Die"

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The Fray's new video for "Love Don't Die," the first single from the band's forthcoming fourth album, Helios (due out on February 25), just dropped. It's mildly entertaining as far as videos go, which is to say it has something of a narrative, which a great many these days don't. So kudos for that, boys. But you're going to have suspend disbelief a little for this mini movie (I mean, the Fray as tough guys? C'mon, son!).

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Video: See Amanda Palmer sing Journey with Boulder Bassoon Quartet at Denver house show

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Brandon Marshall
Amanda Palmer at Red Rocks from her show with DeVotchKa this past summer.

Amanda Palmer has caught a lot of flak in the past few years for her seemingly iconoclastic ways. From raising a then-unprecedented 1.2 million dollars to finance her album via Kickstarter to then putting out a call to local musicians to perform with her for free at tour stops across the country, Palmer has become a polarizing figure who's inspired and incensed people in equal measures.

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Video: "I Do" by Jessie James Decker, her wedding gift, from Eric & Jessie: Game On

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We have two videos documenting the day when Sweetie and I tied the knot. It was another lifetime and ten thousand concerts ago. One was graciously shot by my brother, who borrowed a video camera that was about as big as a Buick, and the other was shot by a friend of the family. The grainy, shaky videos are as makeshift and haphazard as the wedding itself was (our ceremony preceded a pot luck reception, if that tells you anything). This clip of "I Do," culled from Jessie James and Eric Decker's wedding, is so not that.

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Photos: Katy Perry at Lakewood High School

ABC/Paul Trantow

Katy Perry is brilliant. And, no, that's not an assessment of her music -- although, to wit, the gal does have a knack for injecting just the right amount of passion and pathos into her pop songs that makes them resonate, as evidenced by the impassioned expressions on the faces of the young ladies from Lakewood High School, who sang along with every word to her songs... that she performed at their school this morning... on live television. That's the brilliant part.

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