Video: Watch Peyton and Eli Manning rap in this DirecTV commercial for NFL Sunday Ticket


My. Sweet. Lord. Have you seen this yet? If not, brace yourself: Here we have that god among men, Peyton Effing Manning, and his little brother Eli getting all Lonely Island on us. Attempting to summon the spirit and cadence of early '80s hip-hop, the two QBs turn in a campy cameo that's face-palm-inducing enough to convince you to join Raidernation. Continue on if you're interested in seeing the brothers shamelessly shilling for DirecTV, blathering on about Football on Your Phone or whatever. If ever there was a time to call an audible...

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Download "Bradley Manning" from Flobots

Ah, yes, good to see our friends in Flobots are still doing their thing -- and by doing their thing, we mean dependably raging against the machine by being unapologetically outspoken on a variety of incendiary topics. The latest: Bradley Manning, a Private First Class in the United States Army, who is currently being court-martialed on charges of aiding the enemy, among other things, and is facing life in prison if convicted.

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- Flobots ink deal with Shanachie Entertainment, 4/12

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Hipsterdom and song collide in the aptly titled Hipster! The Musical

Hipster! The Musical

Hipsters weren't the first to sing and dance in a spontaneously choreographed group for a musical, and probably will never feel compelled to in this world, but in the movie world they have now given into this urge in Hipster! The Musical. The musical didn't immediately take form as a feature film, but it eventually transformed from the tight fitting jeans of a short film to a feature length.

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Get to know Itchy-O in six minutes or less

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While everybody in the music world is seemingly fixated on the eagerly awaited musical output of a pair of prodigious punks in customized motorcycle helmets, the Lockerpartners have created a piece on a laudable batch of local masked minstrels, the fantastical 36-member beast known collectively as Itchy-O, the "big, broken toy box of dark junk and light."

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See Churchill on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night

Categories: Moving Pictures

Emily Driskill

At the risk of pushing the Morrissey/Denver needle even further into the red (what am I even talking about here -- that ship has long since sailed!), there's one more item of interest that we'd be considerably remiss if we didn't pass along. Last night, Churchill, the most recent local additions to the A&M Octone Records imprint, performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While that in itself is noteworthy, what makes it even more so is the fact that the Denver band's appearance was in lieu of Morrissey, who reportedly opted out because the Duck Dynasty dudes were also slated as guests. Continue on to see Churchill perform a pair of tunes.

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The video for Innerstate Ike's "Denver Broncos Anthem" captures Broncomanics in action

Categories: Moving Pictures

We're not going to lie here: The fact that the Baltimore Ravens are heading for the Big Easy next weekend instead of our beloved Broncos stings more than the time we faceplanted on the playground in third grade and mom had to pluck shards of gravel from our mangled paw and then finished it off with a warm stream of peroxide. Yeah, like that, only worse. Not that we're bitter, by any means, except that, uh, well, we are.

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On the set with DJ Ishe and Dirt Monkey for the filming of their new "Slow and Low" video


UPDATE (7/6/12): We got our hands on a sample cut of "Slow and Low" off of Ishe and DirtMonkey's new album Turn Up the Ride. Page through and give it a listen.

By night, Beta is Denver's best dance club and North America's number one dance club. By day, though, apparently Beta doubles as a set for music video shoots. Yesterday, DJ Ishe and Dirt Monkey teamed up with John Hunt of Grimey Gatsby to shoot a video for "Slow and Low" from the pair's forthcoming album. We were on hand for the shoot and got some behind the scenes footage.

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Taylor Swift: A compilation of her surprised, shocked and awe-struck faces

Taylor Swift's shocked! Again! As seen in the Hollywood Reporter
Sunday was a good day for Taylor Swift. A glowing profile by 60 Minutes' Leslie Stahl, followed by her cleaning up at the American Music Awards; she took home the awards for Favorite Country Female Artist, Artist of The Year, Favorite Country Female Artist, and Speak Now won Favorite Country Album. This, of course, follows a career that's been as consistently incredible as anyone's in music. So is Taylor used to, blase or even jaded about the success? OH, HELL NO.

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Tribute video to slain rapper Colfax Cac

A while back, we ran a feature detailing the ins and outs of Innerstate Ike's rise as celebrated MC in the hip-hop scene. In that piece, Ike gave great detail to the night when he was shot, leaving the MC paralyzed and his best friend, Colfax Cac, dead. In homage to the slain rapper's influence on the anniversary of his passing, a touching tribute video has been making the rounds.

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New Hollagramz video for "Galactic Leash" hopes to psych you out

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If there is one thing we've come to expect from Denver's music videos recently, it's that they seriously enjoy freaking us out. It's like they're all specially created to make us start audio-visually tripping. Case in point, David Dohrmann's new video for the Hollagramz track, "Galactic Leash," which looks like something you'd be shown in a hippie biology class.

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