Brew 'n Q Homebrew and Barbecue Supply Shop Opens in RiNo

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Mark Antonation
Craig Singleton is a do-it-yourself guy. "I like self-sustenance, DIY," he says. "Mom and Dad are that way." So Singleton brews beer, hunts, fishes, barbecues and cures his own meats. He's both passionate and enthusiastic, traits that sometimes earn people the label "nerd" or "geek" -- but in a professional setting often result in well-served customers. That's Singleton's hope for Brew 'n Q, his new homebrew and barbecue-supply store that opened this month in a warehouse space in rapidly developing River North neighborhood.

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Beer Calendar: Count Chocula, New IPAs, Pumpkins and Hot Wings

Courtesy of Sanitas Brewing
Who knew that a cereal could capture the world's attention? On Monday, the Fort Collins Coloradoan posted a story about how Black Bottle Brewery had bought up all of the Count Chocula cereal in two stores and used it for a Halloween beer. Over the next few days, that story went viral, appearing on websites across the spectrum and in newspapers internationally. "That got out of hand quick. We have been getting calls from everywhere. Radio stations in Canada, NPR talked about it this a.m. on air, etc.," says brewery general manager Steve Marrick.

Cerealiously Count Chocula will be tapped on October 30. You'll have to go to Fort Collins to try that one (for now), but there are few other new or newly packaged beers (sorry, without cereal) that you can buy off liquor store shelves right now or in the near future. They include a new brew from Boulder's Sanitas called Sanitas IPA; a canned version of Grimm Brothers' GABF award-winning Fearless Youth dunkel lager; and Slope Style Winter IPA, a new seasonal release from Boulder Beer Company.

Turn the page to see all of this week's craft-beer events.

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The Bear & the Rat Makes Frozen Yogurt for Dogs

Marshall the bulldog enjoying some bacon and peanut butter frozen yogurt.
Like many Coloradans, I'm a little obsessed with my dog. He sleeps on my bed. He's attended concerts with me and even come on a vacation or two. And of course I'm obsessed with what he eats (or, rather, what I feed him). I won't bore you with the details, but it should suffice to say that my husband and I make his food ourselves rather than buy the high-quality kibble or even the raw-food options available at the store.

But I typically don't make his treats myself -- and I definitely don't have time to whip up frozen yogurt for the little dude. I might be obsessed, but my obsession only goes so far. That's where the Bear & the Rat comes in, a company run by a local husband-and-wife team who will go where obsessive dog-owners can only dream of going. Luckily for us, we can reap the fruits of their labors.

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New Owners for an Old Favorite, Closings and Re-openings in West Highland

Mark Antonation
The West Highland neighborhood and Highland Square complex have experienced ups and downs as gentrification continues and tastes change. Frasca duo Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson recently opened Pizzeria Locale on West 32nd Avenue not far from Frank Bonanno's Salt & Grinder, bringing new energy to the street. But there's also action at established eateries, too. The Coral Room, Highland Pacific Restaurant and Oyster Bar, and the double Victorian mansions that once housed Highland Garden Cafe are all seeing change.

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Lorena Cantarovici Plays With Tradition at Maria Empanada

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Mark Antonation
Lorena Cantarovici behind the counter of her Argentinean cafe.
The sunlit interior of Maria Empanada, Lorena Cantarovici's rendition of an Argentinean bakery and cafe, invites guests to linger, with three distinct spaces that capture various aspects of the South American country's social culture. The front section adjacent to the bakery cases and coffee bar is "a little bit of a cafe in Argentina," Cantarovici explains, where customers can grab a quick empanada or sip coffee and "watch everybody on the street." The middle section mimics an estancia, a rural estate guesthouse, with large, rustic wooden tables where friends and family gather, "talking forever to try to resolve every problem in the world," she says. And the back section is more elegant, with dark, modern furniture and corners where couples can chat quietly.

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Reader: Overpriced, Overvalued -- Denver Restaurant Week Is Dead

Visit Denver
Mayor Michael Hancock gets a cooking lesson at a Denver Restaurant Week kickoff.
Denver Restaurant Week hasn't actually been a week-long for years. Soon after the event started more than a decade ago, some participating restaurants decided to extend the DRW deals on their own. And a half-dozen years ago, Visit Denver, the organizer, made it official -- extending DRW to two weeks as a way of forking the recession. The annual event never shrank back to seven days, though. And this year, in response to comments from both stuffed diners and exhausted restaurant employees that fourteen days was simply too much of a good thing, Denver Restaurant Week was split in half, to a week in February and a week in August. But Visit Denver just announced that it was doing away with the August edition and scheduling a ten-day Denver Restaurant Week in February. "The perfect 'best of both worlds' compromise appears to be to run it for ten days, encompassing two complete weekends in the traditional slow period of February," explains Justin Bresler of Visit Denver.

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Review: Gone Swishin' at Kobe An Shabu Shabu

Danielle Lirette
What's cooking? Shabu shabu at Kobe An Shabu Shabu.
Kobe An Shabu Shabu
3400 Osage Street

Somewhere along the line, cooking became a chore. For reasons best left to food historians and sociologists, the art of feeding ourselves has tumbled in popularity and now hovers just above taking out the trash on the list of most despised household tasks. But if the activity at Kobe An Shabu Shabu, a niche Japanese restaurant that opened in Highland this summer, is any indication, people will not only cook, but they'll pay good money to do so -- provided they're in a swanky space drinking plum wine with friends.

Owners Marco and Michelle Trujillo, who took over Kobe An in Lakewood from Michelle's mother a decade ago (that restaurant just closed in anticipation of a move to Cherry Creek), have been dreaming of opening a shabu shabu restaurant ever since. Since sushi and ramen have caught on in this town, they reasoned, why wouldn't shabu shabu work, too?

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Trillium and Ryan Leinonen Will Host a "Practice" James Beard Dinner Tonight

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Thumbnail image for Trillium-exterior.jpg
In anticipation of his upcoming guest chef appearance at the James Beard House in New York City, Ryan Leinonen and his team at Trillium will host a "practice" James Beard dinner tonight.

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Old Major's Kevin Deming Mixes "Frankie Valli and the Fall Seasons"

Kevin Galaba
Frankie Valli and the Fall Seasons at Old Major
3316 Tejon Street

"This is actually something I came up with last fall," says Kevin Deming, a bartender at Old Major, referring to a cocktail he calls Frankie Valli and the Fall Seasons. "It ended up not going on the menu, so when this season rolled around I decided to put it on."

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100 Favorite Dishes: Ronnie's Favorite at Rosenberg's Bagels and Deli

No. 67 Ronnie's Favorite at Rosenberg's Bagels and Deli
725 East 26th Avenue

By now, the story of of Josh Pollack, owner of Rosenberg's Bagels and Deli, and his water-treatment system set up to mimic the chemistry of New York City's bagel-perfect H2O is practically the stuff of legend. Even if you think that the story doesn't hold water and that Denver's own is just fine for boiling great bagels, there's no denying that Rosenberg's hits all the right notes when it comes to great New York-style deli offerings. Take the Ronnie's Favorite, for example: Sure, it's a pretty good bagel, but the ingredients between the bread are what take it from good to great.

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