100 Favorite Dishes: Mar y Tierra Molcajete at Paxia


No. 86 Mar y Tierra Molcajete at Paxia
4001 Tejon Street

The molcajete, a Mesoamerican stone mortar and pestle, didn't evolve as a cooking implement. They were -- and still are -- traditionally used for grinding and pounding herbs, spices and chiles and preparing salsas and moles. But somewhere along the way, someone (probably after leaving one too close to an open fire and getting a nasty burn) realized that the stone retained heat very efficiently; from there, molcajetes began to be used as cooking and serving vessels for hot, stew-style preparations. Paxia, an upscale but fun and lively joint run by the owners of the more humble Los Carboncitos, puts the molcajete to particularly good use in its mar y tierra dish -- that's surf and turf to us Northerners.

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Ska Brewing will unveil low-ABV Rudie Session IPA at Sesh Fest this weekend

Categories: Beer Man

It's not that the guys who work at Ska Brewing don't want to get drunk. It's just that they don't want to get drunk as fast, says company co-owner Dave Thibodeau. "There's been a lot of hype about session beers, but that's not why we made it. We made it because most of the people around here drink a lot of beer without really paying attention to the ABV, so it's probably best to tone a little bit," he says.

And that's why the Durango brewery created Rudie Session IPA, a hoppy low-alcohol beer that will debut this weekend at Sesh Fest, taking place at Sculpture Park in the Denver Performing Arts Complex. It will also be sold in twelve-ounce cans at liquor stores year-round.

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Reader: Deck was stacked against Red Robin -- Cheesecake Factory without cheesecake?

Colorado may be the healthiest state in the country, but it gained an unwanted honor this week, when the Center for Science in the Public Interest gave its top Xtreme Eating award to a monster meal at Denver-based Red Robin, which clocked in at a whopping 3,540 calories. But one reader calls foul:

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Photos: All aboard for the restaurants of Union Station

A Colorado craft-beer at the Terminal Bar is just the ticket.
Have you seen the renovated Union Station yet? If not, you might be the only one -- the place has been packed since the restaurants started rolling out, attracting everyone from suburban lookyloos to Alton Brown, who was eating at Stoic & Genuine on Wednesday. With the grand-opening festivities over, this weekend would be a good time to drop by the station, where you can grab an ice cream cone or a beer -- or maybe even a dinner reservation, if you're really lucky.

And there are still more to come: The Cooper Lounge is waiting for its furniture, and chef Alex Seidel is hoping to open his Mercantile right after Labor Day. In the meantime, we sent photographer Jake Shane to Union Station; keep reading for pictures that are sure to whet your appetite.

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Happy Colorado Day! Party at History Colorado, Denver County Fair or at other tasty events

Categories: Culinary Events

Happy Colorado Day! In honor of this state's birthday, History Colorado will be hosting a farmers' market featuring Colorado produce and products this weekend. And at 10 a.m. this morning, Colorado Proud will be at the museum to launch Choose Colorado, a 27-day tour of this state's producers; admission is free. But that's just the start of a food-filled weekend, which also includes the Denver County Fair and, yes, a beer festival or two. Keep reading for a taste of what's on the culinary calendar.

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Over forty new spots join the Denver dining scene: Our Restaurant Roll Call for July

Categories: Cafe Society

Jake Shane
Snooze opened this month in the renovated Union Station.
June might have been a record-breaking month for restaurant openings, but July has already stolen the crown, with over forty new spots making an appearance -- everything from the stylish Stoic & Genuine in the renovated Union Station to the eclectic Syntax Physic Opera on South Broadway. Keep reading for a summary of all the action in our Restaurant Roll Call for July.

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Beverly Grant of Mo' Betta Green MarketPlace talks about food deserts and urban agriculture

Urban farmer and entrepreneur Beverly Grant grew up in northeast Park Hill in the 1970s. She saw Denver's eastside go from being a thriving, middle-class black neighborhood to a food desert -- a community without a grocery store. And more recently, she's watched as longtime residents of Five Points, one of Denver's oldest African American neighborhoods, have been displaced by gentrification, moving out to Montbello and Green Valley Ranch.

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Dahlia Square could become a garden spot -- but right now plans are sowing dissension

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The five best places for Alton Brown to visit in Denver

Categories: The List

Thumbnail image for stoickitchen.jpg
Alton Brown may have picked the wrong place to be low key.
Food Network star, cookbook author and food-nerd extraordinaire Alton Brown was spotted yesterday attempting to have a quiet lunch at Stoic & Genuine, chef Jen Jasinski's posh new seafood haven in Union Station. There was no filming going on, other than the discreet (or not so discreet) attempts of fellow diners to capture iPhone footage of the host of Good Eats and MC of Iron Chef America. With all the rubbernecking and brazen assaults on Brown's privacy, we think he simply chose the wrong venue (not that the food wasn't up to par). Here are five other things he could have done in Denver, rather than eating at one the most hyped and media-infested eateries in the entire city.

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Get up for brunch at Root Down

Categories: Out to Brunch

Thumbnail image for rootdown.jpg
With news of a revamped brunch menu, this week's venture took us to Root Down, initially on behalf of my roommate -- who recently received a gluten allergy diagnosis. She was looking forward to a menu accommodating of dietary restrictions -- with gluten-free and vegan options prominently noted -- and I was looking forward to tasting my way through new options from Root Down's stellar kitchen.

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Congratulations, Colorado: Red Robin boasts the country's "single unhealthiest" meal

Center for Science in the Public Interest
This Red Robin meal is a real monster.
Updated: Read Red Robin's statement at the end of this post.
Colorado may be known for healthy residents who run marathons and climb mountains in their spare time. But there are still plenty of places in this state that cater to gluttons, including twenty locations of the Denver-based Red Robin, which serves the "single unhealthiest" meal in the country, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Although the Cheesecake Factory hogged three of the nine Xtreme Eating awards handed out by the center this week, that trio of porkers didn't come close to matching the caloric overload of a monster meal at Red Robin.

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