Reader: There Is More Meat in the Comments Than Your Paper-Thin Analysis

Who would have thought that bottomless mimosa brunches would get so big in Denver? And who would have thought that our list of the ten best bottomless mimosa brunches would inspire not just lots of reservations for this post-Thanksgiving weekend, but more than a hundred comments? Including this doozy....

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Arch Pizza Closes All Three Metro Denver Stores

Maybe the Broncos' recent loss to the St. Louis Rams was the final blow. Or maybe Denver diners don't like pizza with a crust like a giant Saltine. For whatever reason, St. Louis-style pizza just never took off here. And now all three Arch Pizza locations that had opened over the past year have closed. The phone message at the Lone Tree location says the store is "currently under construction" -- and it must be some wild project, because the mini-chain's website,, now leads directly to a Viagra/Cialis site.

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Death & Co.'s David Kaplan Visits Denver to Promote His New Craft Cocktail Book

Categories: Behind the Bar

Kevin Galaba
Death & Co. owner David Kaplan, with his new cocktail book, at The Source Monday night.

On Monday night, RiNo Yacht Club hosted David Kaplan, owner of legendary craft cocktail bar Death & Co., who made Denver a stop on a 15-city tour to promote his new mixology how-to book. Kaplan's book, named after his bar in Manhattan's East Village, was published in October and, at 320 pages, contains 500 cocktail recipes, along with various tips and tales from one of the bars that helped to fan the flames of a renewed interest in cocktail culture.

"Denver is certainly inspiring," he says, after a brief tour of some of the city's most creative cocktail destinations. "People here are doing some great stuff."

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The RT Cafe Opens on Lincoln Across From Beauvallon

Mark Antonation
The RT Cafe hung its "opening soon" sign over the old Drew's Deli sign on Lincoln Street earlier this fall, and now that day has come. The cafe opened this morning, and it looks like customers can expect Slavic-style cooking and Daz Bog coffee.

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100 Favorite Dishes: Braised Brisket Sandwich from Masterpiece Delicatessen

No. 63: Braised Brisket Sandwich from Masterpiece Deli
1575 Central Street

Masterpiece Deli has been chugging along, serving destination-worthy sandwiches to a neighborhood crowd, since 2008 -- almost an eternity in LoHi years, where some of the hottest restaurants can measure their lifespans in months. These days, Justin Brunson's other restaurant, Old Major, gets most of the attention, but Masterpiece still fills its tiny space to overflowing every day, offering consistently good and innovative sandwiches in an almost Manhattan-like ambiance. The cramped quarters, high ceilings and looming shelves make it feel like the entire place is about to collapse around you, but one bite -- in our case, of the braised beef brisket sandwich -- will center your attention on only one thing: the next bite.

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Beer Calendar: Stouts and Porters to Sustain You Through the Thanksgiving Weekend

The Yard on Santa Fe Facebook page
Renegade Brewing, which has spent the past five months renovating a 15,000-square-foot production facility in a development called the Yard near First Avenue and Santa Fe Drive, announced last week that it will begin distributing outside of Colorado for the first time next month. Kansas is the first state that Renegade will sell to, with help from Worldwide Wine and Spirits. The brewery will begin brewing and packaging in its new space soon, using its own canning line. That change also means Renegade will begin canning its flagship Redacted Rye IPA in twelve-ounce cans rather than sixteen-ouncers.

Turn the page to see all of this week's craft beer events.

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Silver Spork Social Plans to Put More on Denver's Plate Next Year

Categories: Cafe Society

After a decade of running a business and traveling, Denver native and East High grad Paul Laurie returned to the Mile High City last fall with an urge to explore this question: "What would happen if Denver's most talented chefs, bartenders and musicians were brought together and given complete creative freedom over an evening?" The answer was Silver Spork Social, a special supper club that put on fifteen dinners in Laurie's LoDo loft over the past year, culminating with a bacchanal in mid-November at 3090 Downing Street.

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Happy Hour at The Corner Office: Working Overtime

Categories: Happy Hour

Chris Utterback
The Corner Office shouldn't work. It's over-active, over-designed, over-achieving. Its menu covers dozens of different cuisines, from Greek htipiti dip to fish tacos. There are disco balls in the bathrooms.

But rather than being a vile yuppie wonderland, the Corner Office is interesting and satisfying. Its happy hour, running from 3 to 6 p.m. and with additional drink specials from 9 to 11 p.m., has been famous since the eatery's opening in 2007. Like a good assistant, it often pops up with fun activities, like the Sexy Momma Disco Brunch. It even dresses up for the holidays with a now-traditional take on Thanksgiving dinner. I went to measure the worth of the Corner Office's bread and butter -- but then again, that would be too pedestrian for this place.

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Illegal Pete's Closes Original Boulder Spot, Opens Around the Corner Today

Moving into the new Illegal Pete's in Boulder.
It's been a big month for the Illegal Pete's chain -- and it's not over yet. Two weeks ago, founder Pete Turner opened his first location in Fort Collins -- after a complaint over the Illegal Pete's name made national news. This morning, Turner will close the doors on the original Illegal Pete's location, which he opened almost twenty years ago in Boulder, and unlock the doors of a brand-new, bigger Illegal Pete's around the corner.

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Jeff Cleary of the Grateful Bread Company Gets a Rise out of Baking

Categories: Chef and Tell

Mark Antonation
Jeff Cleary and his new deck oven at Grateful Bread.
Jeff Cleary
Grateful Bread Company

425 Violet Street, Golden

Bread before dinner at a restaurant is something we take for granted, a minor distraction that's usually there to fill the gap between cocktails and entrees. But every once in a while, the bread becomes the star, making us stop to appreciate the jagged crust, the tender crumb and the delicate tang of a loaf made with patience and enough skill to let the flavors and textures develop fully. And if you've eaten recently at one of Denver's top restaurants, chances are good that you may have asked the staff the source of its wonderful bread -- whether it's a slice from a country boule that offers just the right heft under an open-faced croque-madame at Acorn or the delicately aromatic lavender sourdough at Rioja. And chances are equally good that the answer was Grateful Bread Company.

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