Pizzeria Locale Adds Two Pizzas, a New Salad Mix -- and Soon a Second Denver Spot

Danielle Lirette
Pizzeria Locale has plenty of arugula for its maile pizza.
Change is afoot at Pizzeria Locale, the fast-casual version of the Boulder pizzeria that debuted in Denver last year. Within two weeks, a second store will open its doors on West 32nd Avenue in Highland -- which is good news to Neapolitan pie and budino lovers, and not such good news to those already suffering from the neighborhood's parking woes. Meanwhile, the original Denver outpost at 550 Broadway has been making some changes to its menu.

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Heidi's Brooklyn Deli Closed on Colorado Boulevard, Will Reopen on Colfax

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli Colfax & Madison Facebook page.
The new location of the Heidi's franchise that closed on Colorado Boulevard.
Heidi's Brooklyn Deli closed its location at 833 Colorado Boulevard earlier this month -- but if you're a fan, fear not. Franchise owner Hugh Carlin is just moving the deli to a new location.

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Photos: Oktoberfest at Prost Brewing Brought Out Steins and Good Times

Categories: Photos

All photos by Ken Hamblin

Prost Brewing, which boasts a massive brewhouse made in Germany in the 1960s and some of the best German-style craft beers in Denver, celebrated Oktoberfest this past weekend by tapping its own Marzen beer. Lederhosen and dirndls were in full effect, as was Westword photographer Ken Hamblin, who brought back the photos below. For more pictures, see our full Prost Brewing Oktoberfest slide show.

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Tifamade Cantine Is Back In Business Today

Mark Antonation
Tiffany Iung at Tifamade Cantine.

Tifamade Cantine is the brainchild of sandwich maven Tiffany Iung, who at one time could be seen pedaling around town on her pink bike peddling sandwiches and other treats from a reclaimed suitcase strapped to the back. Her new digs are positively palatial in comparison: a lunch window in the 2800 block of Umatilla Street, right behind The Truffle Table (which which she shares a kitchen), from which she serves sandwiches, salads and snacks from a rotating menu. But last week, that window was closed up tight.

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Double Up on Drinks to Beat the Crowd at the Tavern Uptown

Kristin Pazulski
Good luck finding a table at Uptown Tavern. The patio is large, but often full on the weekends, especially during football games.

I have to drag myself to The Tavern Uptown when friends ask me to meet them there. I'm always surprised how much I dislike the place, considering the amazing patio and the bar's wealth of drink specials. When push comes to shove, going there usually makes me cringe. But last time I visited, management had made a few changes to address issues that had kept me away.

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Taco Tuesday is Back: Lime XS Reopens After Upgrades

Categories: First Look

Mark Antonation
After nine months of construction (and construction delays), Lime XS has finally reopened for business on 6th Avenue, where it had been serving margaritas and Mexican fare for eight years before owner Curt Sims decided it was time for a major upgrade. Fans of Taco Tuesday and Lime's patio will be pleased to know that both are back -- with even more outdoor seating.

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You're Actually Welcome at Little India

Categories: ethniche

Mark Antonation
There are nights when I crave the unique and adventurous, the dishes with names I can't pronounce and ingredients I've never heard of, much less shopped for or cooked at home -- tropical fruits with pungent or savory back notes, the odd bits of meat that never even see a grocery-store butcher counter, bitter greens that may be backyard staples in another part of the world. But then I realize those foods are only unique and adventurous because I've never tried them, and that many ethnic specialties are really everyday dishes in their homelands or perhaps perennial favorites eaten only during special occasions or holidays. A Thanksgiving turkey may be a once-a-year treat, but it's hardly exotic or intimidating, unless perhaps you're from a place with no turkeys. Little India (the quiet one in the University of Denver neighborhood) has become my fallback restaurant, my back-up date, for times when I want Indian flavors, only with the guaranteed comfort of a family dinner or a holiday meal. It's a place where the food is consistent, approachable, even mild -- but sometimes that's exactly what I crave.

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Reader: Chubby's Has Denver's Best Walk-up Window!

While there are many small restaurants in Denver, some eateries are so tiny that they're really nothing more than walk-up windows. We posted a list of five of these little spots last week -- which led to a big debate on the burgers at Grandpa's Burger Haven.

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Harvest Week Kicks Off With Grapes V. Grains Tonight

Categories: Culinary Events

Thumbnail image for Growhausexterior.jpg
It's Harvest Week, and more than thirty of EatDenver's restaurants are hosting a series of pop-up dinner parties at the GrowHaus. The series starts today and will conclude with a grand finale brunch on Sunday.

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Pride of Philly Creates the Supreme Leader of Korean Sandwiches

Mark Antonation
This sandwich rounds out George W. Bush's Axis of Evil.
Jason Delp has two marks in his favor when it comes to Philly steak sandwiches. First, he grew up in Philadelphia under the thrall of Steve's Prince of Steaks, whose slogan promises that "one bite and you'll be a subject for life." Second, the name Delp is a big part of Philadelphia. Without him, it would just be Phila--hia. So it's no surprise that an East Coast kid raised on steak sandwiches and with Cheez Whiz in his veins would end up representing his home town with a truckload of tasty beef torpedoes served under the Pride of Philly banner.

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