Session Kitchen axes weekday lunch hours

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If you're headed to Old South Pearl for lunch, you'll now have one fewer option: Session Kitchen has discontinued its extended brunch service from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday -- but will keep those hours and the same brunch menu Friday through Sunday.

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Win VIP tickets to Ed Fest, the craft beer and music festival August 16 in Edwards

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Ed Fest , the craft beer and music festival created five years ago by the team at Crazy Mountain Brewery, returns to Edwards on August 16, when it will celebrate international craft-beer culture with over sixty craft breweries from around the world -- including Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, Green Flash Brewing Company, Telluride Brewing Company and Great Divide Brewing Company. There will also be gourmet bites from local restaurants and food trucks, wares from Colorado purveyors, and live music by the nationally-renowned North Mississippi Allstars -- in the act's only Colorado tour date this summer.

And we're giving away a pair of VIP tickets to the event.

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No bones about it, Boney's is a winner

Categories: Review Preview

A plate of ribs at Boney's.
Though we live in a town that isn't known for its barbecue, Denverites have strong opinions about what does and doesn't count as good 'cue. So it goes without saying that I, along with the rest of Café Society, am always on the lookout for new places to share with our readers. But after any number of disappointing meals, I often wind up at a repeat winner of Westword's Best Barbecue category: Boney's Smokehouse BBQ.

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100 Favorite Dishes: Tacos Campechanos from La Calle Taqueria

Tacos campechanos sharing a plate with tacos de chivo at La Calle Taqueria.
No. 91 Tacos Campechanos at La Calle Taqueria
1565 West Alameda Avenue

Alameda Avenue between Federal and I-25 is a kind of miniature Federal Boulevard all on its own; you'll find Chinese dim sum houses, Vietnamese sandwich shops, Cajun-Asian crayfish dens and, of course, no shortage of Mexican taquerias and tortas stands. One of those, Las Tortugas, spawned La Calle Taqueria a couple of years ago, and while la madre still serves up some mean overstuffed sandwiches, la niña has stolen our hearts with its vast variety of diminutive but still hefty tacos. Best bets include pineapple-spiked tacos al pastor, tender tacos de chivo and the Yucatecan specialty cochinita pibil. But if we can't decide, we always start with the tacos campechanos -- rich shredded pork made even more toothsome with the addition of slow-cooked strands of pork skin.

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Renegade Brewing sells its Publik House to focus on brewing more beer

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Just over a year ago Renegade Brewing opened Renegade Publik House, a restaurant and tap house in the underserved University of Denver neighborhood. Citing a need to re-focus on expanding beer production and making "more beers available to more people," owner and founder Brian O'Connell recently sold the Publik House, which will close on Tuesday, July 29, to make way for the new owners, who will continue bar and restaurant operations under a new name.

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Call to Arms and Cannonball Creek brewing Peace & Assist -- not cease-and-desist

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Call to Arms Brewing Facebook page
Cross, Bell and Hutchinson brew Peace & Assist.
"You talk to any brewery, old or new, and they will tell you a story about how another brewery helped them out," says Chris Bell. "Everyone helps each other along. We want to celebrate that and celebrate what makes this industry great."

That's the idea behind a collaborative brewing effort between Cannonball Creek Brewing in Golden and Call to Arms, a future Denver area brewery being planned by three former Avery Brewing staffers: Bell, Jesse Brookstein and Jon Cross.

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Melita's leaves the pressures of city life outside the door

Categories: ethniche

Mark Antonation
For more than a year, Mark Antonation ate his way up Federal Boulevard. With that journey done, he's now exploring different cuisines from around the globe right here in metro Denver, one month at a time, in Ethniche.

Last week I drove to the outlands of Lakewood for a taste of short-order Greek cooking. This week, I walked -- hitting Melita's Greek Cafe and Market, located about as close as it gets to the dead center of Denver. It was more of an amble than an odyssey, but the truncated trip yielded a pleasant lunch without having to sacrifice any of my men to mythical perils.

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Reader: Pork belly is a hipster trend that's already obsolete

We're counting down our 100 Favorite Dishes as we head towards our next Best of Denver, and last week landed at Solera, where Goose Sorensen's pork-belly confit is a marvel, a preparation that involves curing, pressing and slow cooking in duck fat, which Sorensen explains melts the layers of pork fat into the meat while breaking down the connective tissue. A quick sear crisps the exterior for an added dose of char and a hint of sweetness. It's hog heaven....unless you think pork belly is so over.

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LYFE Kitchen holds John Fielder book-signing, Haiti fundraiser tonight

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Lori Midson
LYFE wants to do good while serving food that tastes good.
LYFE Kitchen is teaming up with acclaimed photographer John Fielder, whose mural of a peach orchard is featured at the restaurant in Park Meadows, for a book-signing and fundraising event from 3 to 4:30 p.m. today, July 22. Fielder and student Rachel Harris will be signing copies of Nadia's Good Deed, and 20 percent of all dinner sales today will go to The Road to Hope, a local non-profit that supports Haitian communities.

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Flagstaff House lands Wine Spectator award for its cellar and service

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Flagstaff House
Concise wine lists and boutique offerings by the glass seem to be the mood of the moment at high-end restaurants. But for those who respect the grape, tradition and commitment to excellence trump the new and trendy. Finding great wine and wine service in the metro area is easy when one of the top wine cellars in the world, located in Boulder's Flagstaff House, emanates its stellar reputation like a beacon from a hillside above the city. And that reputation has earned the restaurant yet another Grand Award from Wine Spectator magazine.

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