Papa John's gets a pizza the DNC action

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They've got a lot of crust...

Of all the goofball promos tied to the Democratic National Convention, the goofiest may have been the massive outdoor billboard for Papa John's: a six-acre crop circle in a wheat field near Denver International Airport that appeared in early August, promoting the company's new, 100 percent whole wheat crust pizza -- but also playing off the DIA conspiracy theories that continue to take off.

No matter how half-baked the stunt seemed at the time, Papa John's is now reporting that sales were up by as much as 111 percent at the chain's Denver stores last week. Conspiracy or coincidence? For the record, the most popular topping in town was pepperoni -- represented on the crop circle by 2,400 pounds of red mulch. Love that fiber.

The Papa John's crop circle should remain visible until the first snowfall. -- Patricia Calhoun

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