Take a dip into history at the Wynkoop Brewing Co.

Gary Isaacs's original photo for the Wynkoop proclaimed that Beer Is Food.

The blow-out, twentieth anniversary celebration of the Wynkoop Brewing Co., 1634 18th Street, continues today with the after-party for the Gorilla Run and then, at 2 p.m., an amazing (and potentially very icky) stunt: a dive into a giant bowl of artichoke dip.

Dozens of former Wynkoop employees who returned for the festivities have been taking their own dips into a river of memories -- and beer -- and you can join in the fun. And if you have enough fun, share your story here, where we've been collecting reminiscences of the Wynkoop. In honor of this weekend's activities (and potential for great stories), we've extended our deadline until Monday -- so spill your guts, and you may win free beer! -- Patricia Calhoun

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