Whole Foods "Secret Ingredient" is satisfying food porn

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Hungry for some non-offensive food porn? Check out the Whole Foods Market Secret Ingredient videos blog .

The varying hosts take ingredients -- a different one is highlighted each week -- from Whole Foods and then create healthy, simple meals, including Spicy-Coconut Braised Black Cod, Lakeside Turkey Burgers and Grilled Eggplant with Cilantro Salsa Verde. In addition to the recipes, the videos offer really great cooking-technique tips, as well as plenty of information about the featured ingredients. And you can choose to listen to (or not) the ever-present talk about organics, food seasonality, being "green" and so on. I, however, like to focus more on the actual preparation of the actual food.

“We know how a key ingredient can make or break a dish and we know that Whole Foods Market has so many high-quality unique items that can turn an ordinary recipe into a culinary delight," explains Mara Fleishman, Whole Food Market’s creative producer for the blog. "We wanted to show the everyday cook how they can incorporate these ingredients into their culinary repertoire and educate them about why these are such great ingredients.

“We get a lot of positive feedback about the Secret Ingredient. People really get excited to hear about how to use some of the unique ingredients that they see on the shelves at our stores. I have learned so much about all different foods while shooting the Secret Ingredient - it is really an educational experience.”

This blog is indeed an education, a fresh take on food and cooking -- and it's also one of those rare sites that features online videos that don't involve unspeakable acts by young women, sneezing pandas or drunk people falling down stairs. And that's food for thought. -- Tyler Nemkov

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