The sweet, sweet taste of Buchi’s Cuban coffee

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Un café con leche, por favor.
Denver’s fast becoming a coffee town, with baristas slaving over antique espresso machines on this corner and java geeks requesting Ethiopian varietals brewed through $11,000 coffee machines on that corner. But we’ve suffered a lack of good Cuban coffee, a smoothly sweet concoction derived from adding raw sugar to an espresso shot while it’s brewed. That dilemma, thankfully, has been at least partially remedied by the recent opening of Buchi Café Cubano at 2651 West 38th Avenue.

My family and I stopped into Buchi this weekend. The pressed breakfast sandwiches were good, hinting at the delicious potential for pressed sandwiches at lunch, but what really stuck out was the café con leche. It was like a cup of drinkable coffee ice cream, but without the syrupy tang that comes with the sweetened coffee swill from the Starbucks of the world. It was so good I demanded my wife have a sip, even though she prefers drinking glass shards than coffee. And you know what? She actually liked it – or at least she didn’t spit it out in my face and tell me never to ask her to try coffee ever again, which I quixotically do on a regular basis.

So thank you, Buchi. You’ve brought me one step closer to my ultimate dream: Having a wife who enjoys coffee with me. Maybe together, we’ll actually break her. – Joel Warner

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