But wait! There are restaurants in actual ski lodges in Colorado!

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Echo Mountain, the ski area closest to Denver, just kicked off its third full season of operation on Friday, and while the mountain is relatively no-frills, it does have a restaurant: the Echo Cafe, located in Echo's Garage. Fresh soups, sandwiches and pizzas have been added to the menu at this indoor/outdoor dining space -- and all meals come complete with a spectacular view of the Continental Divide.

For a more upscale dining experience, there's The Lodge at Sunspot, the Winter Park restaurant that gets a shout-out in this month's Hemispheres magazine -- and whose dining room decor bears a marked resemblance to that retail resort, Park Meadows (the two facilities had the same designers). Although the dining room won't open until December 19, the cafeteria -- known as the Provisioner -- is now serving.

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