Fisher Clark hams it up

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FisherClark.jpg.jpgFisher Clark Deli

723 South University Boulevard



Spanish Ham and Cheese

Serrano ham, chorizo, manchego cheese, arugula, pear and onion jam on focaccia bread



Yeah, nine bucks is a lot to spend on a sandwich, so Fisher Clark is a place I only go to occasionally. But the ingredients used here are so good and so fresh that I always find a stop is worth it. Particularly when I order a Spanish Ham and Cheese, whose flavors never disappoint. I'm not sure what I like better -- the incredible, tangy-sweet onion and pear jam, or the ham and chorizo, or the soft, fresh focaccia made Bluepoint Bakery-style.


Although the sandwich is called a ham and cheese, the manchego is subtle (and really good, though I had to pull it out to discern that). Fair warning: Try to take small bites, as the meat is piled high and somewhat tough (but in a good way).


Yes, just try to take small bite - if you can. - Jonathan Shikes


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