La Chaumiere bids au revoir after more than thirty years

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After more than thirty years in business, La Chaumiere, the charming, classical country French restaurant in Lyons, has closed its doors. Kyle Wagner loved the place when she reviewed it for Westword in 1998, and in "French Toast" recounted the tale of how Elizabeth and Heinz met in Munich, married other people, then got back together after Heinz moved to this country, bought a former pizza place that he turned into La Chaumiere in the early '70s, then called Elizabeth to come help him out in 1990.

But the couple sold the restaurant to another couple a few years ago, and they closed the place this fall after business dried up. Both the website and phone number are now defunct, and the restaurant is for sale, listed on this site for $400,000.

Au revoir, La Chaumiere. -- Tyler Nemkov

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