Robert Thompson is headed back to Denver

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When last we saw Robert Thompson, he'd closed Brasserie Rouge, was out of Atomic Cowboy, and was selling B-52 Billiards (which would become the Real World: Denver House, then Theorie). He moved on to Chicago, where he's now co-owner of Seasoned Development -- a restaurant company that just leased 5,500 space at 1433 17th Street in Denver, where the company plans to open its first Noca Kitchen.

"Noca Kitchen is going to be a substantial growth vehicle for us in Denver," Thompson announced yesterday, "as well as the rest of the country."

But not in Phoenix, we're assuming, since that city already has a highly rated restaurant named Noca -- which is not connected to Seasoned Development, even if both concepts emphasize food influenced by Northern California. But unlike Noca Kitchen, which is a fast-casual chain idea, Phoenix's Noca is all about leisurely dining.

Look for Noca Kitchen to open in Denver in spring 2009.


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