The Berkshire is going bananas over Elvis

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elvis.jpgElvis may have left the building, but his appetite lives on at the Berkshire. In honor of what would have been the King's 74th birthday tomorrow, the pork-pushing restaurant at 7352 East 29th Avenue is running a special Elvis promotion. From January 8-11, the Berkshire's "The King" sandwich -- peanut butter, caramelized bananas and crispy bacon on grilled Hawaiian bread -- is only $5.

And if you come dressed like Elvis, you get the sandwich free. We hear there are extra "Berk Bucks" for the best Elvis impersonation, too.



This is a real deal, considering that the last sandwich dedicated to Elvis -- at the Colorado Mine Company, a celebrated spot in Glendale -- would run you a fast fifty bucks. Rumor has it that Elvis would buy them buy the bushel when he was coming to town -- when he wasn't busy buying Cadillacs for friends and city officials, that is.

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