Blizzard blasts the Taste of Vail...but it's all good

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Lori Midson Taste of Vail mountaintop picnic

What restaurant in its right mind would serve a dessert called "tropical panna cotta" at a mountaintop picnic, high above the town of Vail, in a raging blizzard? Seriously. What kind of  dumbass would play such a cruel joke on all those poor tourists from Texas

who insisted on wearing jeans and Stetsons tipped over their skull caps on a gondola ride headed straight for a whiteout?

There was absolutely nothing remotely tropical about the Taste of Vail's mountaintop picnic earlier this afternoon, unless you count the woman with the neon red lipstick parading around in a canary yellow hat and tangerine ski pants. She was brighter than a bowl of sherbert, and unlike me, she was genuinely enjoying herself, smitten with the truffled macaroni and cheese...completely sodden with ice crystals. Hey, some people don't mind a little white powder with their noodles.

And it didn't matter what you were eating -- noodles, short ribs (all the restaurants apparently collaborated, because short ribs were more prevalent than parkas), wild boar sausage (cold), deviled eggs (frozen solid, just like that dead guy in Nederland), chocolate-malted crunch bars and raspberry gelato pops (icy)

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Lori Midson
or barbecued flank steak sliders (better than anything else, which isn't saying much) -- because everything edible had been dumped on.  With snow. And it sucked. But at least the people were cool, and more important, there was an Argonaut of alcohol. 

The Taste of Vail runs through tomorrow, and while stuffing your face in a blizzard is no way to spend a Friday afternoon, I bet I still had more fun than all you IACP people sequestered at the Downtown Denver Sheraton hotel. I bet I scribbled better notes, too.

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Lori Midson




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