EZE Mop building off the market

A developer's view of the EZE Mop building as a restaurant
For five decades, the EZE Mop building at the corner of 17th Avenue and Franklin actually sold mops, earning a Best of Denver award back in 2002. But a few years later, David Jurenka closed up shop and put the building on the market.

It soon became one of the most coveted spots in town, as restaurateur after restaurateur toured the place, contemplating whether it could be turned into a hip watering hole. But in December, the new owner put the property back on the market -- and it's since been snapped up not by a restaurateur, but a trio of local entrepreneurs -- owners of Soul Haus, Pandora Jewelry and Babylon Floral -- who will bring much needed retail to the neighborhood, creating the EZE Mop Shopping District.

For more details, see my column in this week's Westword

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