Sketch introduces Wino Wednesdays

Categories: Word of Mouth
When we first visited Sketch, the new wine bar tucked into the old 1st Avenue Hotel at 101 Broadway, we took note of its location facing Big Lots and its bar manager, Charlie Master, who'd injected much-needed humor into Cherry Creek with his white-trash specials at Brix, and immediately suggested that the wine bar offer Big Lots skewers, featuring whatever food items were available at that discount emporium that day.

Well, it's not quite Big Lot skewers, but Sketch has just introduced Wino Wednesdays, when five dollars buys you a glass of box wine or a PBR, accompanied by beef jerky and Cheez Whiz on a Ritz. That's a big improvement over the four bucks that one of our staffers was charged for four slices of apple when he wanted something to go with his twelve-dollar cheese plate.

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