First look at the Snooze expansion

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Soon the lines will be forming outside of Snooze, the popular breakfast spot in the Ballpark neighborhood. So popular, in fact, that owner Jon Schlegel decided to create a second Snooze.  "I'd say that we're screening a lot of places right now," he told me a couple of months ago. He finally settled on a space at 700 Colorado Boulevard, but judging from how it looked yesterday (pictured above), Schlegel is still a ways off from opening this Snooze.

The space (which used to be a Boston Market, I think) is fully dark and dead, and looks like it hasn't been touched -- except maybe to move some of the furniture around into a dusty chair orgy -- since the day the former owners packed up and left.

Still, Schlegel certainly has his priorities in line.  As you can see from the snapshot after the jump, he already has a liquor-license hearing scheduled with Department of Excise and Licenses on May 28.


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