Argyll joins the brunch bunch

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Argyll Patio2.jpg
Argyll, and its patio, will be open for brunch this weekend.

Robert Thompson's Argyll, in the old Squealing Pig space at 2700 East Third Avenue, made its debut on April 30 with a slow roll-out. First there were dinners. Then, a few days later, lunch service was added. And this Saturday, Thompson and his crew will add two more services to the schedule with the start of weekend brunches.

Argyll calls itself a gastropub, and is a seriously UK'd version of one, offering "Celtic oysters," English-pea salad and "Yorkshire" burgers at lunch; Scotch eggs, crisps, kebabs and hanger steaks at dinner. But the brunch menu has some all-American favorites, too: raw oysters, artichoke quiche, spinach strata and, of course, three-dollar mimosas.

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