Colore Pizzeria Moderna opening pushed back to next week

Colore Pizzeria.jpg
Lori Midson

As reported here a few weeks ago, Colore Pizzeria Moderna, a new pizza and pasta joint at 2700 South Broadway, was supposed to open today, but I just talked with co-owner Caroline Momo-Torres, who says that it's not going to happen. "It's like the last month of pregnancy, you know? I know it's coming, but I just don't know when," she told me. "I'm still waiting on a cooler and Comcast, and I gotta wait to open until everything's right."

Which will be sometime next week, she hopes. And when Colore Pizzeria Moderna does open, it'll serve "very traditional Italian/American food," Momo-Torres explains, like fried calamari, lasagna, pizzas, Italian salads and such housemade desserts as peach bread pudding, tiramisu and canolis.

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