Red Trolley rewards you for your ice-cream gluttony

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Red Trolley gelato.
As of late, Denver's boutique ice cream war has been getting hot and heavy -- or should we say cold and sticky. Sweet Action Ice Cream opened on Broadway in March, launching an icy broadside against the other super-premium ice cream joints in town, such as Red Trolley and Little Man Ice Cream, which both opened last year.

As the sugary-sweet titans battle, their tactics are our rewards. Take Red Trolley: Right now, if you buy four quarts of their ice cream, you get a free mini travel cooler (you know, for when you want to take your ice cream for walks and stuff). Better still, when you bring that cooler back for a refill, you get to choose anything on the menu for free. Whoopee!

Or something along those lines -- we may have the deal a bit wrong. After all, we were a little woozy when we first heard about the deal, thanks to all the Red Trolley gelato we were gorging on.

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