Beers and Brewhahas: Italian Americans vs. Columbus Day protestors

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This Associated Press photo made brewers around the nation weep for joy.
No big deal: Just four guys having a beer and settling a brewhaha. That's what Barry, Joe, Hank and Jim did last week (with Colorado's Blue Moon in a starring role). It's something that happens all over the world, millions of times a day.

In fact, it worked well enough at the White House that we'd like to see some of Colorado's bigger disputes settled with similar sudsy sit-downs. Picking the appropriate beer to pair with the problem is crucial, however. Here's our first beer/dispute suggestion.

Check back with Café Society for more pairings over the course of the week.

Dispute: Italian Americans vs. Columbus Day protesters
Beer: Left Hand Brewing Company's Deep Cover Brown Ale

Like the issues involved with this yearly ruckus, Deep Cover is complex. Hailing from Boulder County (where student protesters feel at home), Left Hand was named for Chief Niwot, a Southern Arapahoe (which pays tribute to our Native American past). But the beer's malty, nutty flavors also pair well with pasta and red-sauce dishes, and its smooth finish hides the bitter, hoppy taste of hundreds of years of persecution.

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