The List: Denver's top ten green chile spots

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5. Phil's Place, 3463 Larimer Street
Junie Garcia comes from a long line of Mexican cooks, and at Phil's Place, which belongs to her son, she serves up the green chile that made her many fans in the days when she ran the kitchen at the Bamboo Hut.

4. La Fiesta, 2340 Champa Street
Forty years ago, the Herrera family took over an old Safeway in Curtis Park and turned it into a Mexican restaurant. Today, the crispy chiles rellenos made in this kitchen -- and the hot, hot, green chile that smothers them -- are popular enough that La Fiesta is only open at weekday lunch.

3. Las Delicias, 439 East 19th Avenue (and three other locations)


Since it opened at the corner of 19th and Pennsylvania three decades ago, the original Las Delicias has spilled into storefronts along the block -- and its business has spilled over into three other outposts. All of them serve the same great green chile: thick, layered and good enough to eat on its own.

2. Jack 'n Grill, 2524 Federal Boulevard

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Jack Martinez came to Denver to sell roasted chiles from New Mexico -- and business was so good that he opened his own restaurant, which happens to serve a green chile that's as authentically New Mexican as anything you'll find in Denver.

1. Santiago's, 571 Santa Fe Drive (and over a dozen other locations)


Santiago's is a home-grown chain that's rightly famous for its breakfast burritos. But it also sells the best green chile in town: an orange elixir studded with chunks of chile. Fair warning: the hot version is sense-singing.

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