Urban homesteading deluxe with Fort owner Holly Arnold Kinney

Joel Warner
Holly Arnold Kinney and neighbor Matt Slater in Kinney's greenhouse
Most of the gardening operations I've been exploring as part of "Urbavore's Dilemma," my summer-long series on the local urban agriculture movement, are grassroots affairs: compost bins made from recycled plastic barrels, chicken coops built in old kids' playhouses, garden fences born out of back-alley wood scraps. That's why when I heard that Holly Arnold Kinney, owner of The Fort, a legendary restaurant, was dabbling in urban gardening, I had to check it out. After all, what exactly, does a backyard vegetable patch look like for someone who has one of the most impressive historical cookbook collections found anywhere? To find out what I discovered, check out this week's Urbavore's Dilemma.

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