Corner Office gets some new blood

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Just got off the phone with manager Michael Torres of the Corner Office, talking about the new man behind the burners at that most Mad Men-y of restaurants at the Curtis.

Carlos Ruiz (most recently ex of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, making him well-versed in both hotel cookery and avoiding snow-mad, axe-wielding Jack Nicholsons) is now in the post recently vacated by Jeff Bolton, who took his game across town to another Sage Restaurant Group operation--Second Home.

While the menu at Corner Office is unchanged for the moment, Torres says that Ruiz is "working on a new one," so look for a switch come January.

I'm hoping that Ruiz doesn't mess too heavily with the good thing that the Corner Office has going. I was a big fan of the jumbled-up, borderless and slickly modern breakfast-and-dinner mash-up being done there when I first reviewed the place, and remain so today.

So while I understand that Ruiz wants to put his mark on the menu, he'd be smart not to push too heavily.

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