Ugly Betty, looking good at Lola

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Nancy Levine
Ugly Betty, looking good -- if blurry -- at Lola.
There wasn't a Balloon Boy in sight, but Ugly Betty would no doubt have blown away any Heene outfit at Saturday's Halloween costume contest at Lola.

Perhaps in deference to the site of the contest, the coastal Mexican restaurant located at 1575 Boulder Street, the contestants included several food-related get-ups. The cast of last season's Top Chef, for example, which rated runner-up status. Ditto for the couple dressed as Carrot and Celery, right down to a green face and 'fro above Carrot's orange outfit. But the duo that dressed up as a whole fish atop a Lola table, with a Big Red F chef right alongside, didn't bother with subtly influencing the judges, as you can see below.

Nancy Levine
Whole fish at Lola (her chef was no doubt in the kitchen).

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