100 Favorite Dishes: Fries from Encore

As a countdown to the Best of Denver 2010, coming April 1, Cafe Society is serving up a hundred of our favorite dishes in Denver. Send your own nominations to cafe@westword.com.

Number 78: The Fries at Encore

"The Fries"--that's how these things should be referred to in the future. A singular article, unlike any others because they are simply better than all others. When someone is talking about eating fries at Encore, they are talking about these fries: The Fries, perfectly fried shoestrings, drizzled with just the right amount of Chinese restaurant-style hot mustard and presented in a glorious tangle of deliciousness.

The Encore menu changes a lot. The Fries never do. The Fries have been there since the beginning, since the day the doors were opened at Encore. And if the food gods (and Encore's rotating roster of chefs) are willing, they will remain there until the day that Encore does its final bow and turns out the lights forever.

Hungry for more? The dishes in our countdown thus far are linked below:

No. 100 Chicken-fried steak from Lola
No. 99 Alaskan reindeer sausage from Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs
No. 98 Mac-and-cheese fries from Jonesy's EatBar
No. 97 Soft egg ravioli from Prima
No. 96 Pho - any pho -- from Pho 95
No. 95 Assiette de charcuterie maison from Z Cuisine À Côté

No. 94: Cheeseburger from Larkburger
No. 93: BBQ Masher from Cabin Creek Smokehouse
No. 92: Apple pancake from the Original Pancake House
No. 91: Burrata from Osteria Marco
No. 90: Eggs Benedict from Devil's Food Bakery
No. 89: Chile Relleno from La Fiesta
No. 88: Deviled eggs from Steuben's
No. 87: Corn-in-a-cup from Jack-n- Grill
No. 86: Enchiladas from Taco House
No. 85: Pupusas from Pupusas Sabor Hispano
No. 84: Baklava from Ali Baba Grill
No. 83: Masa-fried oyster shooters from Deluxe
No. 82: Tacos al pastor from Los Carboncitos
No. 81: Salsa bar from Tacos Y Salsas
No. 80: Dim Sum from Star Kitchen
No. 79: Green chile cheeseburger from Cherry Cricket

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