Flip for the calendar girls at Jonesy's EatBar

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Some people can't get enough of the mac-and-cheese fries at Jonesy's EatBar and some people can't get enough of the beer list, which is packed full of Colorado microbrews.

But if you can't get enough of the lovely ladies who work at Jonesy's and the Horseshoe Lounge next door (both are owned by Leigh Jones), then you were probably at Jonesy's on Tuesday night for the 2010 pin-up calendar release party. The night featured free fries, cheap beers and all twelve ladies, dressed to the nines, signing calendars ($20 each; proceeds donated to charity) and auctioning off pictures and other good things. Ms. August is our favorite, by the way, because of our honest belief in locally grown produce.

Miss the party? Not to worry. You can see our Jonesy's party slide show here and the calender itself here.

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