Party like a playboy at the Warwick

In December 1967, Denver's Playboy Club opened at 1776 Grant Street. Today, the club is just a memory (one that leaves a smile on a certain generation of businessmen's faces). The address now belongs to the Warwick Denver Hotel, which is celebrating the infamous former tenant with a special drink deal all month: Your first classic martini at Randolph's Restaurant and Bar is just 67 cents.

You can get a second classic martini for $3 -- or order the new, signature Denver Gold Rush Martini, just $1.50 through December, which is made with vodka or gin, augmented by two Colorado commodities: edible gold foil floating through the drink and a slice of peach on top.

No Bunny.

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I worked there in '68.  Everyone was like family and we had a great time working and after work we all hung out and partied together.  RIP Bobby Green Trio members Larry Brown and Paul Black (yup - those were their real names)  and bunny Bobby Cooke.   Great days, happy times.

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