Red Trolley stays on track...even with hot dogs

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Mark Manger
Ice cream is never out of season at Red Trolley.
Summer came again. Heat and ice cream weather. I showed up at the place for the salted caramel ice cream with its thick layer of chocolate; for honey graham that was so good I wanted to be able to pick it up at the grocery store or have it delivered to my house; for simple vanilla ice cream that was never quite as good as I wanted it to be (too thin, almost watery and without the smooth, luxurious kick of milk fat that is the only thing interesting about good vanilla ice cream) and honey-lavender that always tasted like chewing cold potpourri.

This week's review? Red Trolley. Because what's better as we head into winter than ice cream?

Yeah, I thought it was brilliant, too. But the story of Red Trolley isn't just a story of some really good local ice cream. It's also a story about hot dogs, about breakfast cereal, ridiculously expensive coffee machines, root beer floats and about the Shaws -- a couple who saw a niche in the Highland neighborhood and tried to fill it with...everything.

Read all about it here tomorrow.

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