Denver's top ten ice cream shops

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Jason Sheehan guaranteed this week's cold snap by reviewing Red Trolley, 2639 West 32nd Avenue, which serves up all-natural ice cream with no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor, artificial color and trans-fats.

Assuming you're not deterred by the ice on the streets, here are nine more places to satiate your sweet tooth with ice cream:

The desserts at Jax Fish House feature Ice Cream Alchemy blends.
Ice Cream Alchemy, Boulder, 720-352-8653. Although this might not technically count as a dessert location, per se, we had to include it because it's just too awesome to ignore. Alchemist Peter Arendsen offers a dizzying array of the usual ice-cream suspects as well as some unusual options, such as the balsamic or olive oil or rose or Thai sweet chili ice creams to complement any meal. Seriously, any meal. Perusing the ice-cream and sorbet options at could even make you feel dizzy if you're not careful. Arendsen will blend custom flavors, too, but you'll need to purchase a minimum of four gallons for the alchemist to personalize your pint.

Blackberries Ice Cream and Coffee Lounge, 710 East 26th Street, 303-830-3156. This ice cream and coffee shop sits literally at the heart of Five Points, at the base of the Point Building, giving it some historical flair as well as some of the best ice cream in town, house-made with an array of flavors. You can always find the chocolate, vanilla, sweet cream, sweet potato pie, butter pecan, strawberry, caramel cashew, black walnut, cookies 'n cream and cookie dough ice creams, but check back seasonally for rotating flavors such as rum raisin, deep blue yonder and cinnamon.

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream, 799 South University Boulevard, 303-777-0808. Bonnie Brae has been serving up sweetness to the Denver area since 1986, and their list of flavors available is staggering. Try the eggnog for a seasonal delight; the cinnamon, cappuccino crunch and amaretto peach come highly recommended.

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D Bar Desserts, 1475 East 17th Avenue, 303-861-4710. Keegan Gerhard has earned his place as a celebrity chef. Before the TV shows, before the stand-up hosting duties for Food Network, he spent years working as a cook and patissier in some of the best kitchens in America. In the summer of 2008, he and his wife, Lisa Bailey, opened D Bar right here in Denver, where they started serving up amazing desserts. But they do much more at D Bar, adding such items as salads and sandwiches to a simple board called "Things We Like to Eat," as well as liquor. So today D Bar is a great place to both begin and end a night. And like any good dessert spot, it includes delicious ice cream.

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