The five worst things found in a fast-food order

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What lies beneath? You don't want to know.
Ordering a fish sammich from a place that specializes in fresh-pressed, flame-broiled moo meat might not be the smartest choice, but you still shouldn't need a painkiller to make your meal go down easy.

But that's what a customer discovered in his fish sandwich at a Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida, on February 12 -- an unexpected condiment that now ranks among the five worst things found in a fast-food order. And they are:

1. Painkiller

You don't mess with the King, as Ernest McHenry recently found out when a couple of disgruntled Burger King employees allegedly put the painkiller hydrocodone in his fish sandwich. "I said, 'Wow.' I was kind of shocked at first and I let everyone know," said the shocked McHenry, who was clearly feeling no pain even before the sandwich. "I said, 'Wow, look at this."

2. Band-aid

Lauren Coleman, a student at the University of Illinois, gave McDonald's a failing grade when she found a band-aid in her French fries. And not a new one, either, but a used one. The fries alone are unhealthy enough; you don't need to add more heart attack-inducing material.

3. Knife

John Agnesini ordered the foot-long cold-cut sandwich at a Subway in Queens, New York, and almost got the literal translation. Baked into the bread was a seven-inch-long knife with the sharp end facing upward. Agnesini had taken a few bites when he suddenly saw his own reflection in the forged steel -- and he then became violently ill. The jury's still out on whether the knife or the sandwich caused this reaction.

4. Mouse

When Tony Hill ordered a three-piece meal at a Popeye's in Baltimore, Maryland, he wound up with a four-piece combo instead -- complete with a mouse. The rodent had fallen into the fryer, and been crisped to a delicious golden brown. Who doesn't want a bonus piece of meat in his meal?

5. Chicken head

McDonald's is the gift that keeps on giving. At an outlet in Newport News, Virginia, Katherine Ortega ordered a box of fried wings to enjoy with her family. But when she opened the box, she found not just wings, but a whole chicken head!

That menu item will never fly.

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