TAG, Elway's and the Denver FIVE, or, thanks to a tenacious PR type, just FIVE™

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From left to right: Matt Selby, Tyler Wiard, Troy Guard, Jamey Fader and Brian Laird
Earlier this week, Tyler Wiard (Elway's Cherry Creek), Jamey Fader (culinary director of Big Red F Restaurant Group), Matt Selby (Vesta Dipping Grill and Steuben's) and Brian Laird (Barolo Grill) all convened in the kitchen of TAG, chef/owner Troy Guard's home turf, to do what they do best: cook.

The chefs are all part of the Denver FIVE, or FIVE™, as it's now called, since Leigh Sullivan, Guard's wife and the woman who engineered the platoon of five stove sultans, was approached by a fellow public relations colleague who, according to Sullivan, "loved what I was doing and wanted to start a Boulder FIVE, because of Hosea ... I assume, Rosenberg," a former Top Chef winner and the exec of Jax-Boulder.

Sullivan wasn't surprised. "I knew it was going to happen eventually, but after working my booty off and depleting my bank account, I knew I had to protect the brand, so I consulted a lawyer to help me protect that brand and my intellectual property," explains Sullivan. "We trademarked what we could, and to discourage other people from trying to take my concept into other markets, my lawyer suggested that I stop calling it Denver FIVE and just call it FIVE™, so that's we did."

The FIVE™ brigade will fly to Manhattan in September to cook at the James Beard House, but you can partake in one of their sensational dinners as soon as next week, when the five chefs gather at Elway's Cherry Creek for a patio party on Wednesday, April 28. The dinner, which begins at 6:30 p.m., is $50 per person, and includes passed appetizers from all FIVE™ restaurants and liquids from Leopold Brothers, Stranahan's Whiskey and Infinite Monkey Theorem. For reservations, call 303-399-5353.

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Vesta Dipping Grill

1822 Blake St., Denver, CO

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