Elway's Bombay Sapphire dinner: The gin was cold but the food was smokin'.

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Cubeb seared big eye tuna, chick pea salad, green curry cucumber sauce with a Jakarta Mule - Bombay Sapphire with homemade lemongrass ginger beer

Last night's Bombay Sapphire Spirit of Exploration dinner at Elway's Cherry Creek was definitely an exploration -- of some seriously fantastic world cuisine created by chef Tyler Wiard, with mind-boggling Bombay Sapphire cocktail pairings from bar manager Ky Belk. "I had no idea gin could taste this good," said one diner.

The photos taken with a camera phone don't quite do the dinner justice, but for those of you who love grainy food porn, enjoy!

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Sumac braised chicken thighs, harissa couscous, olive-date relish, preserved meyer lemon with a Moroccan Cocktail- Bombay Sapphire, cardamom-infused simple syrup, pomegranate juice & lemon

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Double cooked hoisin pork belly, spicy ramen noodle bowl with a Monkey Gland Cocktail- Bombay Sapphire, fresh orange juice, homemade grenadine & a touch of absinthe

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Tuscan rubbed Buffalo NY Strip, white bean-pancetta-tomato ragout, juniper pickled ramps with a Sapphire Negroni- Bombay Sapphire, Italian sweet vermouth & Aperol

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Marcona almond flan, lemon-almond brittle, sherry elixir and a Sapphire Bramble- Bombay Sapphire, lemon juice & artisanal crème de cassis

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Elway's Cherry Creek

2500 E. 1st Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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