Le Bakery Sensual: Where the icing is inexplicably shaped like naughty bits

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Le Bakery Sensual is the best place in town for any of your erotic cupcake needs. The home-grown bakery has been at its current location (300 East 6th Avenue) for about 16 years, after fighting The Man for a permit to operate within Denver city limits. Despite being cock cupcake connoisseurs, almost half of their business is made up of neighborhood families coming in for unique G-rated custom desserts.

Below, we take a look at some of their most disgusting boner-inducing interesting creations.


No, these do not come lactose-free.

We weren't sure how we got into the Magical Frosted
Penis Forest, all we knew was that we didn't want to leave.

"Look, Mommy, there's a pretty flower on that cupcake! Can I pick in and wear it my hair?"

All of Le Bakery Sensual's cake artists were trained at the prestigious Michelangelo da Teenie-Weenie Weenie Academia in Florence, Italy.

The cake artists use different clear mixtures for each of the body fluids depicted on the desserts. The recipes are closely guarded trade secrets, lest they be stolen by those horny little Keebler Elves.

6. Who knew blue balls could be so sweet?

This artist knew that if he could just focus on perfect execution, he could live happily ever after with his Frankenwiener.

Meditation Thought Of The Day: If a nipple is made of marzipan, does it hurt when you purple nurple it?

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This picture was originally a video, but every time we played it our screens got messy.

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Le Bakery Sensual

300 E. 6th Ave., Denver, CO

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