Pay up: Purple Martini at the Tabor Center is seized for unpaid taxes

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purple martini tc.jpg
Purple, apparently, is not the color of success, at least not when it comes to the Purple Martini, the Tabor Center watering hole that's now under the lock and key of the city for non-payment of taxes.

Purple martini seized.jpg
On May 26, the city handily collaged the front door with seizure notices, warrants and a public sale notice, all of which point to the martini bar, which is owned by the Jet Entertainment Group, the company that also operates Pizza Republica, the Jet Hotel, Twenty and Wicked Garden, owing $15,000 in outstanding sales and wage withholding taxes.

That leaves the faltering Tabor Center, which lost its food court last year (not that it was really much of a loss), with but three feed houses and lubricators: The Cheesecake Factory, Corner Bakery and The Tilted Kilt.


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