A delicious food porn preview of Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen

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Lori Midson
When Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen, Jennifer Jasinski's new late-night tavern, opens on Wednesday, August 4, Denver grubniks are going to drop to their knees in gratitude, especially if the food is anywhere near as fantastic as it was during a recent menu preview, at which Jasinksi, (who also owns Rioja and Bistro Vendome), Euclid Hall chef de cuisine Jorel Pierce and Jasinki's business partner, Beth Gruitch, paraded nearly a dozen dishes in front of a wide-eyed collective of mouthy media types who were stupefied into silence as dish after dish after dish appeared on the table.

Dishes, I might add, that were abetted by beer -- lots and lots of liquid gold, which will be another draw at Euclid Hall, as will wine and cocktails. "We're going to pick the best beers from each brewery and when special stuff comes out of those breweries, we're going to try and get our hands on them," says Euclid's general manager and beer boss, Tony Maciag, who adds that the suds roster will offer in excess of 30 bottled and draft brews, many of them local.

In addition, notes Gruitch, the restaurant will offer keg wines from the Infinite Monkey Theorem and "liquor driven by small distilleries." Cocktails, she says, "will move away from the mixology, frou-frou concept" and wines will be mostly culled from small, boutique producers. "Everything we've chosen was picked for a specific reason, and every product has its place," she says.

The menu, created by Jasinski, with collaboration from Pierce, will be available until midnight Sunday through Thursday and until 1 a.m. on the weekends. Jasinksi, who's never predicable, categorized the board into whimsy headings, where "Dock" (fish and shellfish) and "Block" (meats) co-mingle with "Poutine," "Sausages," "Schnitzel" and "Roughage."

The poutine will be served in pie tins or on sizzle platters; sausages, including an all-turkey corndog and weisswurst, come in all shapes and sizes; and there's three different schnitzels, one of which is chicken paired with sourdough waffles, maple syrup and salted walnuts. "The general customer is looking for a great bite to eat, but also an experience, and this is an upscale, pub concept menu that's interesting and memorable," says Gruitch.

For proof, behold the eye candy after the jump.

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Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen

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