Top ten new slogans for the National Pork Board

For more than two decades, the National Pork Board's slogan, "Pork: The Other White Meat," has attempted to convince us that swine, which, of course, is best known for BACON, is just as healthy -- bawk! -- as chicken. But pork consumption has hit a rump patch, while chicken parts are flying out the coop -- and inexplicably, the pork board now wants to unwhiten the pink pig by dropping its 23-year-old catchphrase.

"One not surprising finding is that The Other White Meat is certainly well-known. But we have also found that it is so familiar that it blends into the background. It's not motivating our customers to buy more pork," says Ceci Snyder, the Pork Checkoff's vice president of domestic marketing.

Question is, what should the board's new slogan be? Here are our top ten suggestions:

pork for breakfast.JPG
Pork: It's what's for breakfast

fork in it.jpg
Put a Pork in it

pigs and apples.jpg
PETA:Pigs for the Ethical Treatment of Apples

porking out back.jpg
Additional Porking in the rear

Love the pig.jpg
Love the pig you're with

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