Perky Cups' promise to return to Aurora falls flat

Hot Chick-a-Latte now has a monopoly on bikini baristas.
The hot chicks at Hot Chick-a-Latte are decked out in their 911 Emergency gear today (the bikini barista coffee shop at 4736 East Colfax Avenue, has a different theme every day), but its the now-closed Perky Cups, which operated a similar business in Aurora until last month, that may need the help.

Although Perky Cups owner Jason Bernal promised to re-open three new stores in Aurora and Parker, the company so far hasn't applied for a new business license in Aurora (or closed out its old license), says city spokeswoman Kathy Cable. Nor has Bernal applied to open a store in Parker, according to that town.

For the rest of this titillating tale, see our Off Limits column here.


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