Presenting the Hosea Rosenberg photo album and your chance to vote on your favorite mug

Sometime between February of last year and now, Hosea Rosenberg, the Boulder cooker who won Top Chef: New York, got himself a Girl Friday personal assistant, name of Rachel Bachman, who doesn't approve of our photo choices -- specifically the photo below, which I snapped during a viewing party at the West End Tavern the night Rosenberg was catapulted from chef of Jax Boulder to America's Top Chef.

Lori Midson
The photo Rachel Bachman, Hosea Rosenberg's personal assistant, loves to hate
In fact, Ms. Bachman has sent a couple of e-mails to our attention, politely asking that we "remove the image altogether from the Westword's banks." In lieu of the photo we've been using on the Cafe Society blog, Ms. Bachman has requested that in future posts regarding Mr. Rosenberg, we use a glamor publicity shot that she kindly provided to us.

But we at Westword believe in a democratic voting system, the kind that allows our readers -- the people we try mightily to please on a daily basis with all the restaurant news that's fit to blog -- to choose Mr. Rosenberg's future mug shot on these here pages.

So without further ado, we present six photos, including the above snap, for your consideration. Vote for your favorite in the poll/comments section below, and we'll make it our official Cafe Society photo of Rosenberg, as voted by the readers -- at least until one we like better comes along.

Lori Midson
Fly like an eagle, let my chefdom carry me.
Lori Midson
I think I'll ... go to Disneyland
Lori Midson
Holy gee! Look at me! I'm on TV!
Hosea's happy head shot
You know what they say: Cooking nakey makes you a better chef.

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West End Tavern

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