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Breakfast can be one of the most frustrating meals of the day for a vegetarian. Although many places offer all the sausage, bacon and ham you care to eat, I have yet to find a restaurant in Denver that serves Morningstar sausage patties instead of the carnivore's version (if you know about one, please clue me in!). That leaves us herbivores with few options on the breakfast circuit -- especially if you're not particularly a pancakes-and-waffles kind of person.

And we all know there's nothing worse than waking up after a night of partying hearty and having to make your own breakfast. No one wants that.

So on mornings when a belly full of greasy food -- and maybe some hair of the dog -- are the only things on the menu, and when you don't particularly feel like driving into town and fighting through the crowds at WaterCourse or City, O' City, I'm grateful to have an outpost of Sunrise Sunset within a fifteen minute drive of my house -- 1424 South Wadsworth Boulevard in Lakewood.

Back when I allowed meat to pass my lips, my favorite thing to eat at this restaurant was the Lumbre Sunshine: Country potatoes topped with sauteed onion, spicy sausage and jalapeños, smothered with cheeses, baked and topped with green chili (vegetarian) and two basted eggs. A close substitute is the Enchilada Sunshine, which isn't listed on the regular menu but is a special at all restaurant locations. It features thick white corn tortillas smothered with country potatoes, onion, cheeses, black beans, tomatoes, vegetarian green chili and two basted eggs, and an English muffin on the side. Normally, this is my go-to breakfast, and it's what my husband had to eat on the Sunday morning (well, closer to early afternoon) we visited Sunrise Sunset.

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Add a sprinkling of jalapeños for some heat and maybe a bloody mary or mimosa, and you've got yourself a hangover cure.

Another favorite Southwestern-style breakfast of mine is the Black Bean Benedict, comprising a toasted English muffin topped with sour cream, green onions, green chilies, black beans and cheeses, baked and then topped with two basted eggs and smothered in vegetarian green chili. Again, this dish goes well with some jalapeños to add a little spice.

I was feeling rich and decadent, though, so decided to go with something containing Sunrise Sunset's creamy hollandaise sauce: the Vegetarian Benedict.

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It's a toasted English muffin topped with onions, mushrooms, zucchini and peas, cheese, sliced tomatoes, spinach, based eggs and the aforementioned hollandaise sauce, with country potatoes on the side.

The brown skillets are always hot when the servers bring them to the table, and you can see how the cheeses and sauce bubble around the edges of the skillets as they're baked to perfection.

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