And the winner of two seats to Sunday's seafood supper is...

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Behold the final winning entry in our Sunday summer supper contest. Just in case you missed all this, here's the short version: We asked readers to suggest a name for the coalition of chefs -- Alex Seidel (Fruition and Fruition Farms), Jeff Osaka (twelve), Justin Brunson (Masterpiece Deli and Lechon), Scott and Deanna Parker (Table 6) -- cooking at a seafood supper on Sunday night at the Infinite Monkey Theorem. The winner gets two free seats to that dinner, which kicks off at 6 p.m. on IMT's patio.

You shoveled out lots of nautical names, one that called the boys "cads" and another that sounded like the next Chef Boyardee slogan. Sorry, gang, but we didn't choose one of those.

We ultimately handed over the decision-making task to Osaka, who chose the second entry from Mandianne: Master Fruits Dozen & Six. "It sounds kinda gangsta," cracked Osaka.

Congrats, Mandianne. Please send your full name and e-mail address to, and we'll get you all set up.

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