Pizza is good for you, and five more shocking health finds

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According to a series of research studies -- all Italian -- pizza might actually be healthy for you. The studies suggest pizza consumption may help decrease the risk of heart attack and of certain types of cancers. What's next, a pizza-only diet? If cookies and cavemen get their own diets, apparently pizza fans can, too. Here are five more things to put in your mouth, whose health benefits seem equally dubious:

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1. Bacon. A Bon Appetit list of surprising health foods cites bacon as number one. How can this be? Almost half of bacon's fat is monounsaturated, the so-called "good for you" fat, like that contained in olive oil.

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2. Beer. We've already heard that drinking red wine is good for your heart, and now comes word that drinking beer every day can reportedly decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke. Cheers!

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3. Cookies. There are at least two diet programs out there revolving all around the consumption of cookies. Don't worry: They're special, low-calorie, hunger-reducing cookies -- of course!


4. Egg McMuffins. McDonald's Egg McMuffin only contains 300 calories and twelve grams of fat. Healthy? Depends on your view. But by comparison, the chain's bacon, egg and cheese biscuit packs 420 calories and contains twenty-three grams of fat.

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5. Raw meat. Tapeworm, E. coli and other potential gastrointestinal ailments aside, some actually promote the consumption of raw meat. Just like our ancestors, yo! And what about all that bacteria? That's the point!

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This just stupid. None of those foods are good for you except the slight exception of good pizza.

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