Six absurdly naughty food porn pics

When you think of porn, do the images popping into your sex-deprived skull remind you of the time you nailed that hot sorority chick, or perhaps when you were dressed in nothing but a smile and opened the door to the casa of love?

Hold on to those warm and fuzzy thoughts, because these are not those pictures. (Eye bleach available upon request.)

spread chicken legs.jpg
What a woman in a perpetual state of readiness might look like after Thanksgiving dinner.

eggs and bacon.jpg
Who loves boobies? Even better, who loves boobies for breakfast? Like most men, I'm a big fan of tits and eggs on a Sunday morning.

dog du jour.png
We all know that men love hot dogs, but did you know that women love wieners by the skin of their teeth?

Thumbnail image for eat your veggies.jpg
Mom always said to eat your vegetables. But in this case, I'm going to make an exception. But isn't he cute? And, look, mom, he's so big!

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