Bryan Dayton reveals name of new restaurant

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14th Street will soon be Oak at 14th
Bryan Dayton, president of the Colorado Bartenders Guild and former bar manager at Frasca Food & Wine, divulged the details of his forthcoming Boulder restaurant a couple of weeks ago, describing a menu rooted in North America supplemented with a geeky beverage program.

He and his partners, which include chef Steve Redzikowski and general manager Annie Polk, had most of the details nailed down. Except for one: the name.

Last night, Dayton revealed that the new restaurant at 1400 Pearl Street will be called Oak at 14th. The name draws influence from the wood-fired oven the kitchen will employ, burning oak to cook food. It's also a nod to the oak barrels used in wine and spirits production.

Oak at 14th is moving ahead with renovations. Dayton says it will be ready to open in four to six weeks.

Location Info

Oak at Fourteenth

1400 Pearl St., Boulder, CO

Category: Restaurant

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