Food porn: Gourmet on the Gore

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Labor Day weekend offered us plenty of opportunities to say goodbye to summer by gorging on what our state's restaurants do best. And to celebrate, we headed to Gourmet on the Gore, a two-day food festival in Vail that offered tastes from several local restaurants, paired with cold beers and plenty of wine.

Food porn and highlights after the jump.

gore elk loin.jpg
Rob Christensen
This Bavarian platter came from Pepi's, 231 East Gore Creek Drive, and featured medium-rare elk tenderloin dusted lightly with puff pastry batter and bathed in porcini gravy. That was served alongside rich, eggy spaetzl and tart, pickled cabbage. And though we're sad to say goodbye to warm nights on patios and summer produce, this dish made us excited for winter, and we began plotting our ski season return.

gore steak slider.jpg
Rob Christensen
La Tour , 122 East Meadow Drive, calls itself a contemporary French restaurant, but this flank steak slider decidedly drew from Asian roots. The meat was finely chopped and topped with crisp, spicy jalapeños, firm, shredded carrots and a hefty pinch of zippy cilantro.

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