Great American Beer Festival: 25 things I learned in 2010

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1) No matter how prepared you are for GABF, it is still overwhelming.

2) San Diego County makes more amazing beers than some entire regions of the country.

3) Maui Brewing's CoConut Porter was one of the most heavenly beers I have ever tried. Even better, sources say they'll begin distribution in Colorado by the end of the year.

4) Blue Moon -- which won Large Brewery of the Year -- made a peanut butter beer. It was pretty good. Too bad they'll never market it outside of GABF.

5) Even before Brewers Association founder Charlie Papazian tweeted about Shorts Brewing, asking whether the Bellaire, Michigan brewery, might be the "new Dogfish Head", the line at the table was gargantuan. I guess I didn't get the memo because I'd never heard of Shorts. They ran out of beer on Friday.

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