Overrated breweries: A six-pack of hype for the Great American Beer Festival

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I've tasted hundreds and hundreds of beers over the past twenty years, from Keystone Ice to Sam Adams to Odell to Dogfish Head, and I've loved almost every one.

I love the craft brews, especially, and thank God they're around -- in force. But sometimes the hype about a certain beer or brewery just isn't warranted, doesn't match the beer.

I'm not saying the following six-pack of breweries are bad. Not at all. And I'll try them again at the Great American Beer Festival. I'm just saying they're overrated.

Dogfish Head, Milton, Delaware
I know, I know, hit me over the head with a broken beer bottle if you want, but I have yet to find a Dogfish beer that didn't involve a grimace. Yes, they spend an amazing amount of time experimenting, designing recipes and crafting beers like no other. Still, they are so strong, so unusual, that I can't drink more than a couple of sips of any of them.

Russian River, Santa Rosa, California
Pliny the Elder is a great beer, but it's not any better than half a dozen other IPAs in Colorado alone, let alone California. Temptation and Supplication are good, as well, and I would drink one any time. I just wouldn't knock myself out to do it. Too much hype.

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, New York
I've tried the beers from this brewery two years in a row at GABF, and have yet to find one that was better than average. They have a great reputation, but maybe that's because New York has so many people and is starved for in-state craft breweries.

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