Pat Boone pounds his All-American meats for conservative causes

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patboone.jpg launches November 1, so this photo will have to do for now, Boone fans.
Pat Boone, that icon of pure American goodness, has partnered up with a Colorado Springs company on a line of Pat Boone All-American Meats and will start selling his "delicious, tender, juicy, USDA, hand-trimmed, aged beef" on November 1. Here's the official word from the All-American website:

Pat Boone All-American Meats was born out of a passion for excellence, purity, goodness and bedrock Americanism...and the love of great steak!

In 2009, the legendary performer and TV personality Pat Boone began discussions with co-founder, JW Roth (also co-chairman of Accredited Members Holding Corporation) related to the concept of building a line of premium, U.S. grown meats, rooted in old-fashioned American business values, and committed to charity. JW -- a life-long rancher and cattleman -- pulled together a top-tier meat science, business development and research team, and concluded that America indeed needed just such a company.

So in July of 2010, Pat Boone All-American Meats was launched, dedicated to the finest meat products, the best customer service, and principled stewardship of resources, giving a substantial portion of the proceeds to fine charitable organizations that support the team's deeply-felt American values.

Under Boone's deal with Roth, 50 percent of his royalties from the company will go to nonprofit organizations that will help push an "all-American revival," including the Parents Television Council and Focus on the Family.

Which got us wondering: What would happen if other Christians started pitching food products? Here are our top five:

5) MC Hammer has been an ordained minister since the late 1990s, officiating at such superstar weddings as those of Vince Neil and his bride Lia Gerardini, and Corey Feldman and his girlie of the week. The star says that MC is short for Man of Christ rather than Master of Ceremonies -- but what if he used the initials to promote a new food line: MC Hammer's Madagascar Chickens? Mmm, love me some chickens that have not evolved since the Stone Age -- and with the island being a protected refuge, "You can't touch this."

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