Tonight: An Evening of Decadent Delights at Lola

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Some of Denver's top chefs are participating in tonight's aptly named Evening of Decadent Delights at Lola, 1575 Boulder Street. Alex Seidel (Fruition) will create the passed hors d'oeuvre; Sean Yontz (El Diablo) is tapped for the appetizer course; Goose Sorensen (Solera) will whip up the soup course; Tyler Wiard (Elway's) is tossing together the salad course; Brian Laird (Barolo Grill) will cook up the pasta course; Jamey Fader (Lola and Big Red F) is swimming into the fish course; Elise Wiggins (Panzano) has her hands full with the entree course; and Matt Selby (Vesta Dipping Grill, Steuben's) will sweeten things up with the dessert course.

Proceeds will benefit Sense of Security, a charity that assists breast cancer patients in all facets of their lives; tickets to the event are $95 general admission, $125 for VIP tickets (which includes patio seating, a gift bag and an after-party with Penny Parker and the chefs). For more information, call 720-985-6947.

For information on dozens of culinary events around town, visit our online Food & Drink listings. And check Cafe Society daily for the best Denver Beer Fest events in town.

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1575 Boulder St., Denver, CO

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