Weekending in New York City: the Brooklyn pizza tour

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Simone Roda
I'm fresh off a long weekend in New York City, where it's possible to buy a big, floppy slice of pizza on just about every block in Manhattan. But to go to New York and eat just those renditions, dripping with grease and kept warm under a heat lamp or reheated at the last minute in an oven, would be tragic. There are pizzerias in the Big Apple that really do it right, turning out wonderful bubbling pies on blackened airy crusts that explain the snooty attitudes of New Yorkers who maintain that they'll never eat pizza west of the Hudson River.

My favorite pies are located off the island, in Brooklyn and Connecticut. With limited time last weekend, though, I didn't want to drive for two hours in order to stuff my face with cheese and tomato sauce, so Connecticut was out. Instead, since I'm a gluttonous hedonist, I devoted one day to determining, once and for all, which "best" Brooklyn pizzeria really is the best. Armed with the best dining companion a girl could ask for -- a guy named Rob, who's eaten so much pizza in the city of New York that he can actually tell you, without looking, what kind of oven your pie was made in -- I set out to sample the goods at Di Fara, Totonno's and Grimaldi's, the consistent winners of New York's top honors for best pizzeria (along with Lombardi's and John's in Manhattan).

And because I like to share, here's the food porn -- and the lowdown.

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