Part two: Chef and Tell with Jay Spickelmier from Japoix

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Lori Midson

Jay Spickelmier
975 Lincoln Street

This is part two of this week's Chef and Tell. Read the rest of Lori Midson's interview with Jay Spickelmier, executive chef of Japoix, here.

Favorite restaurant in America: Osaki's Sushi & Japanese Cuisine in Vail. I just feel at home when I go there, even though I'm a paying customer. The food is great, and so is the staff. It only holds about 25 people, which means you can have a conversation with anyone in the room from your seat.

Best food city in America: Chicago. It's a city with a ton of diversity and ethnic restaurants, and it has the culture to support that diversity and ethnicity. On the flip side, you've got places like Alinea, Moto and L20 doing avant-garde cuisine and pushing the limits. Chicago is a city that really represents where food is going.

Favorite Denver restaurant(s) other than your own: I love Pho 95. The pho broth is light, not too salty, and always consistent, and the Pho 95 on Federal is just one of the best holes-in-the-wall in Denver.

Favorite music to cook by: I like the sound of food cooking; sauté pans with sizzling meats are music to my ears. I also like a little classic rock now and then, maybe some Led Zeppelin or something more recent, like Modest Mouse, CEO or the Killers. I really try to appreciate all types of music.

What you'd like to see more of in Denver from a culinary standpoint: More organic and sustainable ways of bringing a greater variety of foods to market from our own back yard. I'd love to see renewable-energy-supported massive greenhouses right here to Colorado, Biodôme style.

What you'd like to see less of in Denver from a culinary standpoint: Overpriced Chinese food from ostentatious Chinese restaurants.

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